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  1. new user from NH

    New Member Introductions
    Hello my name is Joe from NH Besides joining this forum because I love Sigs my main reason is because I'm looking to turn my plain Jane P320C which is my edc into something a little more special. Here's what I'm looking to do 1) Cut my slide and get an RMR for it. I'm turn between a Sig Romeo...
  2. Mk25 upgrades??

    Hey all, What's out there as far as customizing a MK25?? I am still learning the ropes with this gun but want to do some custom stuff for it. I just ordered the SRT trigger and the stainless steel guide rod. Post anything and everything guys, don't be bashful...
  3. P227 Customization

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    New to Sig Forums and Sig ownership, but I have a small question for the community here. I was wondering if a threaded barrel for a P220 would work for a P227? There does not seem to be anyone out there who sells a standalone product as of yet, and I don't want to buy a part that will not...