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  1. Concealed Carry
    My current EDC is a Springfield XD-S .45 in a Crossbreed Super Tuck. However, recently I picked up a P320 X-Carry and slapped a Romeo1 on it and added a Dawson Precision fiber optic raised front sight to co-witness the Romeo1 notch. I love it! It's my first foray into Sigs. The setup makes a...
  2. Concealed Carry
    I have an M11-A1, and considering this IWB holster, as it claims it works for appendix, crossdraw, and 3-5 o'clock. You can also adjust the cant. Anyone have any experience with it? CrossBreed® Holsters Freedom Carry Holster I know others here have written about their experience with the...
  3. Concealed Carry
    Hey guys I recently bought a P320 Carry and I am thinking of using a SuperTuck by Crossbreed as the holster. Do you guys have any thoughts and opinions on the SuperTuck? Thanks in advance!
  4. Classifieds
    I am selling my never used SP2022 9mm with 2 extra factory mags, crossbreed holster, blackhawk holster, 25 starfire rounds, and 50 FMJ rounds. let me know if you are interested. asking $550.00 Rare Swiss rail-less frame.
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi all New member from WA here. Been a 226 owner for a year, today picked up a 239 for EDC as the 226 is too big for concealment in work clothes. Recommendations for a holster? I see that the Crossbreed SuperTuck has fans; is that big piece of leather going to feel weird? Looking forward to...
  6. SIG Sauer Pistols
    I've got a used Sig P226 and went to get a Cross breed holster for it. Well, part of the form asked if it was railed or non-railed. So my newbie question is how do I tell if its railed or not? But a little background & history on that feature would be cool too. Anybody out there...