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  1. SIG Sauer Pistols
    After getting conflicting answers over the phone from Sig with half of reps saying, yes, a pistol's frame will eventually crack just from regular use after X amount of rounds, and half saying, no, a pistol's frame will last indefinitely if only shooting factory ammo I decided what better way to...
  2. P250, P320, P320 X-5, M17, & M18 Pistols
    Hi! I'm considering purchasing a Sig P320 because I really like the concept of a modular design. However, because I live in California, I can't get it from an FFL, so it'll be from a private party, at a huge premium over MSRP. Additionally, I spoke with Sig this morning and was told that if...
  3. SIG Sauer Pistols
    I know that Sig has and excellent warranty that warrants firearms for life against defects. So, hypothetically, if the frame of a P226 or P220 were to crack, or the firearm control unit of a P320 or P365 were to crack, to the point where it couldn't be repaired, and had to be replaced, would Sig...
  4. SIG Sauer Pistols
    I'm new to the sig forum but I am a long time sig owner. If own a p220 built in 1993. I am the original owner and I've put only about 4k rounds through this. I purchased some cheep ammo recently and has issues with FTE. Since it was due to have a rebuild and pro cleaning anyway, I just sent...
1-4 of 4 Results