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  1. SIG Sauer Pistols
    Other than Bar Sto and EFK, are there any P229 conversion kits/barrels still out there (even used/good condition)? I have a well-used Legacy P229 triple matching numbers unit. I love shooting this gun, but I like options. Range days are getting expensive in .357 SIG,, and my age is getting...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone New to site and sigs for that matter. Handling an estate gun collection that contains a P229r legion in 357 sig with a second barrel in 40 cal. all in a black factory box. Not finding a lot on this particular version. Also have two separate Sig Xchange conversion kits unused in...
  3. SIG Sauer Pistols
    Did Sig ever offer the P229 SAO in 357 Sig or 40S&W? I haven't seen any, nor did I find any references in older posts. Sig no longer sells the slides 357/40 slides, but would 9mm SAO frame accept a 357/40 slide, and could it take the additional abuse?
  4. SIG Sauer Gunsmithing
    Hi all - first post. I bought a 365 and was always a little uncomfortable that there wasn't a safety. I just completed the conversion and I have two questions. 1. The safety lever is very sticky. Do I need to orientate the little pin or does the pin rotate and seat itself after a few...
  5. P250, P320, P320 X-5, M17, & M18 Pistols
    Is that possible to convert my P250 Compact .380 to 9mm? If yes how can I do it?
  6. SIG Sauer Pistols
    ok.. I get my scorpion (9mm) today and (p226) and liking the p229 but I do like the 10mm p220. All I can find is p220 in 45's. Sheesh.. man up!! :eek: can I convert from 45 to 10? Also to note. in California. any p220 in 10 in the past show 2k ++. hate these stated rules.. really.. its...
  7. SIG Sauer Rifles
    I have an MCX Gen 1 with 11.5'' Barrell (5.56mm) What specific parts do I need to convert to 300 black out? Just #16. Barrel/gas Block Assembly? Can I get links to parts on retailer websites please? :D
  8. P250, P320, P320 X-5, M17, & M18 Pistols
    I’m sure this question has been asked lots of times before, so please indulge me. Is it true that you can’t convert a P320 9mm, .40,357 to a .45 ACP?
  9. P250, P320, P320 X-5, M17, & M18 Pistols
    Hi, I can't find the forest because of all the trees. I've got an opportunity to purchase a Sig P250 compact in 40S&W that also includes the 22lr conversion kit for a decent price. Will just exchanging the 40S&W barrel (using the 40S&W slide) with a P250c 9mm barrel (and 9mm mags)...
  10. SIG Sauer Pistols
    Recently bought a SIG P229R in .22 LR, and that was the way it came, along with 2 plastic magazines. However, I asked local GS if I could convert the P229R from .22 LR to 9mm with new barrel and slide and was told no. Is this true? I cannot change the pistol from .22 LR to 9mm? Reason I...
  11. P250, P320, P320 X-5, M17, & M18 Pistols
    Are there kits without the grip module, or are there individual components you can purchase outside the kits? One of the reasons I am interested in the P320 is that the small grip frame is available. It already looks like the firearm itself will come with a medium size, but then if I have to...
  12. P250, P320, P320 X-5, M17, & M18 Pistols
    I ordered a new Gen 2 slide lock for my .45 P320, but in the meantime I swapped out the one from my 9mm (gen2) to test. Results were revealing. Once I put the smaller slide lock on my FCU of the .45 I can put it in either the .45 grip module or the 9mm grip module. In other words, this new...
  13. P250, P320, P320 X-5, M17, & M18 Pistols
    Anyone have success in using a P250 9mm Barrel/9mm Spring/9mm Magazine in a P250 .40SW Slide Assembly?
  14. SIG Sauer Pistols
    EFK Fire Dragon P229 9mm Conversion - Range Report I've been looking to acquire a 9mm conversion barrel for my .40 caliber Sig P229 for some time. I already had a .357 Sig barrel, so the acquisition of a 9mm conversion barrel made sense from the standpoint of versatility. One frame, three...
1-14 of 36 Results