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    Auto Ordinance Thompson 1927A-1 “Tommy Gun” (Model# T1B-14) I am the original owner, shot exactly 520rds. Normal minor cosmetic wear, less than a yr old. Bolt pull is very tight and not for the faint of heart. Includes a 50rd Drum (T13KT), 20rd Stick, (qty:2) 3rd Hands, and HSC. "Deluxe...
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    Anyone see this gun before?
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    Might have a trade going for a Sig Sauer M400 rifle. Can you tell me how much my 1911 Colt, MK IV, 80 Series GOVERNMENT, 4-digit serial number, is valued? I’ve seen numbers on websites but nothing from a gun value book. (1200.00 to 2100.00). Possible Trade...Sig Sauer M400 Enhanced with a...