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  1. Ammo and Reloading
    Does anyone carry sig Sauer jhp as carry ammo? I hear so many good things about Hornady critical defense and duty, fed hst, speer gold dot but nothing about sig Sauer v crown or any of their other ammo choices. I'd like to carry it but I wanna hear some opinions. Also keep in mind I'm a rookie...
  2. SIG Sauer Pistols
    I was conversing in private with a friend here, and he got me thinking about whether I should "go big" or "stay small" on carry pistol caliber. I found this article ... ... and it made a lot of sense...
  3. Ammo and Reloading
    I know that Naval Criminal Investigative Service has gone to .40 S&W with the SIG P229 and P239 pistols from their older SIG P228 9mm x 19. What I am curious about is two fold. What was the 9mm ammunition that NCIS carried a few years ago? I have heard Federal Hydra-Shock and Winchester JHP...
1-3 of 3 Results