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    I recently purchased a SIG P229 Extreme 9mm. I'm having a lot of trouble when looking at holsters -- most say that they fit the P229 but not the E2, which to me implies my gun won't fit (it uses the newer P229-1 magazines). I emailed Comp-Tac and they claim that it will fit the "229 9mm w/ Rail...
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    I have acquired a right handed Blackhawk holster, in perfect condition, for a P220 Carry model pistol. I'm not sure what the value of this type of holster is but if I don't find anyone who wants to trade for a comparable left handed holster, I'm willing to sell it outright.
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    Three new cqc serpa holsters with carbon fiber finish. They are in the box still. Im in alaska and can usps them to you anywhere with a flat rate box. You pay shipping(5.00) [email protected] 907-317-0683 text for pictures!!! I will also put a tracking order on it so they can be tracked.