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    Just finished upgrading my M9 with a bunch of WC parts. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. low-profile single side decocking lever (single best upgrade) Extended Oversized checkered mag release Steel fluted guide rod Ultimate action tune kit 13# hammer spring Trigger bar...
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    **BLACK FRIDAY PRICE, $800 and it’s yours!** Up for sale is my upgraded Beretta M9A3. I am the second owner, but the first owner is a local friend in the area and only had about 500 rounds through it before me. I've had it about two months and put roughly another 1200 through it since. This was...
  3. SIG Sauer Pistols
    So as the title says I have been kicking around the idea of getting another Legion. I recently bought the P226 .40 legion, and was thinking about getting it's little brother the p229 .40 also. Wasn't sure whether to just buy it outright or to trade/sell another pistol to get it. The...
  4. Pass It On
    I have a brand new, unopened, THIN grip for the Beretta 90-two. No these will not fit any Beretta's in the 92 series; only 90-two. This looks identical to the factory grip, but it gives the grip dimensions of the Vertec, with a straight back and thinner sides vs having the butt hump on the...
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    Looking to trade my BNIB Beretta 90-two thin grip for a short reach Sig P220 trigger. I also need a polymer main spring seat for my West German P220 that I am trying to update. Email me at TwoThirtyGr (at) Gmail (dot) com
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