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  1. SIG Sauer Pistols
    Hi all, Wondering if anyone has OEM specs or experience to speak to the following: A few years agoI bought a used Western German P220 in 9mm and it is hands down the gun I shoot the best and my favorite gun. It just suits my small hands ( and German heritage ;-) ) Unfortunately I've had...
  2. SIG Sauer Rifles
    Anyone have a video or instructions on barrel (or complete gun) disassembly? Im wanting to cerakote my barrel and i need to disassemble the whole rifle.
  3. SIG Sauer Rifles
    Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well out there in these crazy times. I’ve picked up an SBR recently and had a LGS put on a Cherry Bomb when it got out of NFA jail. After realizing I hated the look, I went to another gunsmith to have them take it off and replace with a Xeno device. When the...
  4. P365
    Can you use the 3.7” XL barrel with a normal P365 slide and spring? Wouldn’t it be like a threaded barrel without threads? Just curious. Has anyone done this?
  5. SIG Sauer Pistols
    I have a 2016 SP2022 and I'm curious as to what these numbers on the barrel mean as I haven't seen any others with it. There is one post here where a user has a similar one, but the numbers are different. Mine says "SP 160 175 MI." Thanks for any knowledge.
  6. SIG Sauer Gunsmithing
    Will a p320 compact barrel fit in my p320 xcarry? If not what's the difference? What would need to be done to make this work? Or are there any recommendations on an aftermarket xcarry barrel both threaded and non?? My slide has the 1756 stamp on the inside
  7. SIG Sauer Pistols
    Just wondering if anyone has one of these 106mm barrels on a P229 (mine is a .40 with the standard 3.9" barrel). I was pondering trying out one of these for the heck of it and wondered if there were any other parts needed other than the barrel. Only thing I could think of this could possibly...
1-7 of 57 Results