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  1. Want To Buy p320 FULL 45 ACP Barrel

    Seeing if anyone has a p320 FULL 45 ACP Barrel/ which i believe is also a p250 barrel. Also would be interested in a FULL recoil spring/rod as well. (Not sure if that is a 45 specific part) or the same as all caliber p320s
  2. Threaded Barrel P320 M17

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I did look up an old thread but it was dated 2018/2019 and I hope this question is not repetitive. I am considering a P320 M17 or M18. I can't find a threaded barrel that does not require gun smithing (even if minor). I checked Sig website, they do not currently have a threaded barrel for...
  3. SOLD! Sig P320 full size - slide assembly - w / RMR - 507 optics cut

    Up for sale is a Sig Sauer P320, full size, complete slide assembly, chambered in .357 sig. It comes with u-notch, x-ray night sights. The slide was sent to Jagerwerks and received an RMR / 507 optic cut, lightening window, top serrations and was Cerakoted in burnt bronze. I have 100 rounds...
  4. Want To Buy P239 .357 SIG Barrel

    Hello all, Looking for a p239 .357 SIG barrel. Factory, BarSto, New, Used. Not picky at all. Let me know if you have one on offer!
  5. FOUND! Sig MCX Virtus 556 11.5" Barrel & Bolt or Complete Upper

    Like the title says - I'm looking for a MCX Virtus 11.5" long 556 barrel and tapered bolt. Basically the "CAL-X" conversion kit. CALX-MCX-11B-556-TAP for a model number. Would also like to find a slim handguard to go with it...FDE is even better. Has to be Virtus (not Gen1) and has to include...
  6. For Trade: Glock ported barrel, RSA & Mag for P320C .357 Sig barrel

    Want to trade all or part of the following for a P320 Compact/Carry .357 Sig barrel alone or with magazines. 1) OEM Glock 22 compensated / ported barrel. It has finish wear but no corrosion and shoots accurately. This made my G22 shoot pretty darn nice. Unknown round count because it is from a...
  7. SOLD! Sig Legacy MCX / MPX Parts - Barrels, Handguards, Braces

    I've got some Sig MCX parts up for sale...all perfect parts for someone out there with an SBR'd or pistol Legacy MCX who wants to have more flexibility! Sig SBX brace with tube and folding knuckle (KIT-SBX-X-FOLD-BLK) - $100 SOLD Came off of a used (400 rounds) MCX pistol Looks brand new Also...
  8. SOLD! P365 threaded barrel stainless by True Precision

    For Sale: Easy to Install drop-in threaded barrel for Sig P365 9mm. Like new with only 20-30 rounds through it. Perfect for converting your P365 into a suppressor host or just getting that tactical cool look. This one is made in the USA by True Precision. Is made of Stainless steel and...
  9. SOLD! Zev G19 Dimpled/Threaded Barrel BRONZE (Unfired) - $210

    SOLD LIKE NEW (NEVER FIRED only test fitted and racked a few times) ZEV Threaded/Dimpled Bronze Barrel. Bought this for my suppressed G19 build but ended up changing my mind before firing it. No signs of use - comes in original box. SOLD
  10. For Sale: LNIB .40S&W Barrel for SIG P224/P229C $90 FREE S/H

    Classifieds Hi all, I have a P224/P229C .40S&W barrel that's never been shot and came new with my P229C; it was immediately swapped out with one of my P224 9mm barrels so it's lived inside a plastic baggy for all this time. I would like to sell mine for $90 and I'll toss in...
  11. SOLD! SIG Sauer P250F 9mm Complete Slide

    SOLD I have for sale a mildly used SIG Sauer P250 Full Size complete slide only. This is the Full size Slide with Contrast Three Dot Sights, Full Size 9mm Barrel, Full Size Recoil Spring and Full Size Guide Rod. The barrel is the P250 type with the silver top. I am Asking $230 Shipped OBO...
  12. P229 with 106mm barrel

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Just wondering if anyone has one of these 106mm barrels on a P229 (mine is a .40 with the standard 3.9" barrel). I was pondering trying out one of these for the heck of it and wondered if there were any other parts needed other than the barrel. Only thing I could think of this could possibly...
  13. SOLD! SOLD Daniel Defense Barrel 14.5" 5.56MM, MID-LENGTH GAS, 1:7 TWIST, LW PROFILE SOLD

    SOLD Daniel Defense Barrel 14.5" 5.56MM, MID-LENGTH GAS, 1:7 TWIST, LW PROFILE SOLD SOLD This is a lightly used Daniel Defense CHF Barrel. Was part of my pin/weld 14.5-16" build but my gunsmith was able to remove the muzzle device without damaging the threads. I tested with a new muzzle...
  14. Recent availability of P225/P6 barrels

    Gun Projects
    Greetings, EFK had some stock on 225/6 standard barrels as of 09/14/2017. My experience was drop-in and 5 days to receive the product. I replaced a re-machined 229T barrel in one of Robertsons recent batch of modded laser trainers fixed up to shoot. The Robertson supplied barrel was fine, I...
  15. Super Match Barrel Bushing Question

    1911 Pistols
    Hello everyone, quick question for those more familiar with 1911 pistols. I purchased a Nitron Super Match on GunBroker for an unbelievable price last week, and I am going to attempt to get it to original configuration. The previous owner installed a stainless comp on the gun and I am going to...
  16. Do you own a P238?

    P238, P938 Pistol
    This thread is related to another thread I started regarding what seems to be excessive wear on my new P238, however it isn't a duplicate post (at least, I don't consider it to be) because this one has a different purpose. I'm extremely interested in seeing other P238 owner's barrel and frame...
  17. MPX 8" barrel Gen 1 vs Gen 2?

    SIG Sauer Rifles
    Are the barrel/gas block assembly's interchangeable between the Gen 1 and Gen 2 MPX w/8 inch barrel? Any way to recognize which Gen a barrel came from? Thx!
  18. p320 ported or threaded bbl

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    So, I am looking for a ported barrel for my p320 357 full size, and it just doesnt seem like there are ANY out there anywhere. Anyone have luck or insight to this?
  19. SOLD! P226 357 Sig Barrel

    SOLD-Excellent condition. Very little use. $110 shipped PayPal Friends & Family or USPS Money Order
  20. Cracked P938 feed ramp/barrel?

    P238, P938 Pistol
    I picked up this P938 a few weeks back and I've put a couple hundred rounds through it since then. While cleaning it today, I noticed some scratches/grooves in the feed ramp. Anybody experience something similar, and should I be worried? :confused: