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  1. M400 Sling and Sling Accessories

    SIG Sauer Rifles
    Hello all, New to the SigTalk but really in need of advice. I recently purchased a M400 AR15. It has Magpul furniture on it and I am in the process of finding a sling. I just don't know what accessory I need to make it fit. I have found one that I think will be suitable: Magpul Industries MS4...
  2. M400 Tread - First Cleaning Instruction?

    Hey All, I'm new to ARs and guns in general. Whenever I get a new one I like to clean it before I use it. I recently purchased Sig's M400 Tread. Should I just rely on the manual or does someone have a video link they really like. I can look up any video, but wondering if you know of a link you...
  3. First AR15 - M400 Tread

    New Member Introductions
    Hey All, I am very new to owning guns. Growing up in the North East it just did not enter my mind, but I'm happily settled in the South/Mid-West now and enjoying it very much. I purchased a couple handguns this last year and then became intrigued with the AR platform. Did some research and...
  4. Bravo 3???

    Sig Sauer Optics & Electronics
    I have scoured the internet for reviews and information about Sig's Bravo3 battle sight, but I haven't been able to find anything of merit. I even tried to find an owner's manual on Sig's website, but they don't even have the Bravo3 or Bravo5 listed. Furthermore, the links for the Bravo1 and...
  5. 516 barrel nut wrench

    SIG Sauer Gunsmithing
    Homemade built to fit Sig Sauer 516, barrel nut wrench. Fits perfectly. Here is a link to buy one of our wrenches.
  6. shooting AR while holding quad rail

    I am on vacation and had the good fortune today to be able to shoot a fully auto M16. It has a quad rail but no forward grips on it. It didn't feel comfortable holding it by the rail so I put my support hand on the front of the magwell. Needless to say I could not hold on target for more than...
  7. Windham Weaponry MPC vs Ruger AR 556

    I am a first time AR15 buyer. Want to know people's opinions on a Windham Weaponry MPC vs Ruger AR 556. Both get pretty good reviews at different places on the internet. Windham is a little more expensive and I'm willing to pay for it if it's a better gun. Anyone shot either of these...
  8. 516 5.56 Buffer spring and weight tuneing

    SIG Sauer Rifles
    So my local gun shop guy talks so much to everyone about how all ARs are over gassed and so just swapping the buffer spring to a red extra power spring to help waste less energy in the gun and also provide a more gentle recoil. He was also saying swapping to a heavier buffer would probably help...
  9. ar15 camo paint tutorial/show off

    Gun Projects
    So I finally decided to camo one of my ar15,rifles. Here is a small write up on it. You will need the following items. -A natural sea sponge from Lowes/home depot -Non-chlorinated brake cleaner -Any self etching primer. -Either krylon or rustoleum brand camo paint in the following colors...
  10. For Sale Troy AR-15 BUIS set

    I have a set of Troy iron sights that I no longer need... The rifle that they are on has only been to the range twice. The sights are basically new and have no cosmetic damage or anything along those lines. I also have the original packaging if that's something you're interested in. Let me...
  11. Magpul 30rd Gen 2 - $19.95 ea.

    Good Deals
    Not the cheapest but in stock (at least they were) & lower than everywhere else. Ammo To Go : 1 - Magpul PMAG P30 Gen M2 AR15/M16 Black 30rd. Magazine [MAG571BLK] - $19.95 Just saw Kentucky Gun Co has Magpul 30rd gen M2 - black - for $14.95 each in stock...
  12. Out and Out firearm bargains

    So, I built my own AR15 and I consider that project to be - for anybody - one of the great bargains in firearms. If you do your homework, and shop carefully, you end up with an absolutely world class semi auto carbine that can make even a middle-aged hack like me seem like a pretty good shot...
  13. For Sale PSA AR15 16" T9 Upper

    Up for sale is a Palmetto State Armory AR-15 upper. It has a 16" CMV 1/7 chrome lined barrel and has a factory installed low-profile gas block and Midwest Industries T9 free float rail. This is new and unfired. PSA was selling this for $470, and I installed a the trim ring on the front of the...
  14. For Sale PSA AR-15 Carbine 14.7"

    Up for sale is a lightly used AR-15. It has all Palmetto State Armory parts built on a SAA lower. It is a 14.7" M4 barrel with a pinned flashhider so it is non-NFA. The rifle only has about 200 rounds through it, but its works flawlessly. The only reason I'm selling is because I have no place to...