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    I recently bought a used p229 in 40 that was in great condition. I bought it because of the deal and it was worth it to me to convert it to 9mm. I never shot it with the .40 barrel and slide. Round count is unknown but if I had to guess I would say less than 500 rounds probably just from...
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    I have a set of 40 caliber #8 sig lite night sights sights taken from 2022 at the factory .I replaced them with contrast sights cost me $89 for the contrast .Night sight selling $65 . + shipping buys them, Yes I know I have downgraded my sights ...but it works for me
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    i just bought a sig sp2022 .40 cal.. my question is that the gun store i bought say that it comes only with one grip i dont know if it is the small or medium... and i ask the gun store why is it it comes only with one grip. the owner said that the dual grips comes only on 9mm pistol only.. is...