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40 s&w

  1. New P320C Fail to Feed / Jam

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    New P320C Fail to Feed / Jam New here, from Dallas, I picked up a NEW P320C .40S&W , it came with 2 NEW magazines. I unboxed it, striped it down, cleaned and lubed it with CLP. 2 boxes of SIG Elite Performance 180 Grain ammo. and headed to the range. first magazine, no issues, crazy accurate...
  2. SOLD! Sig P320 .40 S&W Compact/Carry Slide Assembly

    Excellent shape. Has Sig night sights. It has the voluntary upgrade so will work on upgraded and non-upgraded FCU's. It probably has had 300-400 rounds through it but you would never know it. $300 shipped PayPal F&F, USPS MO or Zelle
  3. For Sale Mec-Gar P226 15 Rd Mag 40/357

    Low use Mec-Gar P226 15 round magazine for 40S&W/357 Sig $35 shipped PayPal via Friends & Family method
  4. SOLD! P229 40 s&w

    Very nicely appointed Sig Sauer P229 in .40 S&W. Short reset kit installed. Nice Sig Sauer aluminum grips. 2- 12 round and 2-14 round magazines. Sig night sites. Heavy recoil guide rod (standard one included as well). Factory case Would like $650 shipped to your FFL USPS MO...
  5. SOLD! Sig P320 .40 S&W Compact/Carry Conversion

    SOLD P320 FDE (it actually is more bronze than FDE IMO) complete slide assembly to convert your P320 to .40 S&W. Includes 2-13 round magazines. Night sights. 50 round count on this upper. Excellent condition. $325 shipped PayPal Friends & Family or USPS Money Order
  6. SOLD! Sig Factory Barrel chambered

    Sig Factory Barrel 40S&W new price 5/1/14 I have for sale a Sig Factory Barrel in 40 S&W for a P229 that is Brand New. I took this out of a New P229 Stainless Elite and replaced it with a 357 Sig Barrel. The only rounds through this are what Sig shot prior to shipping the gun. $115.00...