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  1. P365
    Hey I just picked up a 365xl and I'm looking for a closed muzzle holster for it. I work on a farm and it get pretty dusty out there and I just wanted to keep film of dust that covers everything else out there from getting all over the it. Does anyone know of a holster that isn't open at the end...
  2. P365
    I know lots of threads here deal with problem resolution—that’s a good thing! But it’s time for me to chime in with my 200+ round experience: It’s been perfect. I’ve run 115 gr WWB, Blazer Brass, & Herters. 124 gr Blazer Aluminum. A hand full of locally produced 147 gr. And a few old...
  3. New Member Introductions
    I'm new to this forum, but want to know if anyone can confirm if the stock 365XL flat trigger can replace the P320 stock trigger. Thank you for your input.
  4. P365
    Greetings All, I had a quick question for anyone with a P365/XL with a manual safety. I have approximately 1000 rounds through my XL MS with no issues so far. However, I've noticed that the manual safety has begun to loosen up quite a bit. It has a slight amount of movement in both the...
  5. P365
    So.. being in California these guns cost more then should be allowed. Finding one is hard enough.. they are sold in minutes of posting. So I found a 365. that's a start. I wanted a 365xl. I have a 507k pending.. so.. I would like to keep the 365 if I decide to carry but would like the xl...
  6. P365
    I got a 365 XL with a romeo zero, however, I want to remove it to install it in another pistol. Went to the sig sauer site to see if I can buy the plate and back sight to fill the spot where the RDS was. However I do not see it listed. Has anybody done this or know what is the best way to go...
  7. P365
    Anybody got a 365 and/or 365XL, and a caliper? I thought these slides/ frames were interchangeable, so I was surprised to find SUCH variation in molding "dummies" these days, thought it worth the trouble to ask somebody actually using them. I'll take a shot at a couple pictures -- maybe...
  8. P365
    Can the standard 365 grip module be successfully used on a 365XL, and is it practical to do so?
1-8 of 10 Results