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  1. P365
    Anyone know if the mag release is ambidextrous? Is it the same removal process as the other 365 models?
  2. P365
    I find it almost impossible to put the twelfth round into the magazine for my 365. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks.
  3. P365
    Hi, I was wondering what systems you use for dry fire training with the P935. I currently use a laser and my phone, but I have to rack the slides after each shot and it does not feel live firing (which I cannot do in my house). TIA.
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hello, Just joined from “The People’s Republic of Massachusetts”. I’ve actually perused the forums looking for info in the past and I really like the respect shown among the people in the forums, so I decided to join. I love my SIGs, my very first pistol was a 365 and I loved it. I’ve traded it...
  5. P365
    I decided to have a Trijicon RMRcc mounted to my 365. I have the larger grip module (XL), so 12 rd mags are standard, but I like the 365 short slide. After a ton of research I decided to go with Maple Leaf to do the slide cut and refinish. On the finish I decided on the Black Nitride finish...
  6. P365
    So I took this amazingly compact pistol and grew it into something else. It started out simply enough. I was already disgruntled with the Meprolight site, so I was vulnerable. The recessed sight notch fills up with belly button lint and the dot had gone as dim as the neighbor kid. Where I work...
  7. P365
    Hi all. Just picked up my 365 and broke it down for it’s initial cleaning. I noticed what looks like corrosion in the inside of the slide on the muzzle end. The metal is smooth, and it has not been fired or left out anywhere. Picture is attached. Any ideas? Is this normal? Thanks
  8. P365
    I have a May 2018 born P365 that the striker tip broke off. I have fired 400-500 rounds thru the piston with no problems at all. The last time I shot the 365 was about 6 months ago and have carried it exclusively for 5 of the last 6 months. After a shooting another gun at the range today I...
  9. SIG Sauer Pistols
    I bought a brand new Sig P365 from a Sig dealer at my LGS/Range 1 day ago (08-21-20). I took it out today for it's first trials, and found that one of the 3 magazines is defective. I bought the NRA Coyote model that comes with 2-10 rd, and 1-12 rd mag. One of the 10 rd w/ the flush plate has a...
  10. P365
    Greetings All, I had a quick question for anyone with a P365/XL with a manual safety. I have approximately 1000 rounds through my XL MS with no issues so far. However, I've noticed that the manual safety has begun to loosen up quite a bit. It has a slight amount of movement in both the...
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone from the Ocean State! A quick note to say hello, I'm a relatively new Sig owner (from Glock). So far I am loving the brand and the platform. I just got the P365SAS because I wanted a CCW pistol that would, basically, disappear in a pocket even in shorts (it gets muggy and hot here)...
  12. P365
    Anybody got a 365 and/or 365XL, and a caliper? I thought these slides/ frames were interchangeable, so I was surprised to find SUCH variation in molding "dummies" these days, thought it worth the trouble to ask somebody actually using them. I'll take a shot at a couple pictures -- maybe...
  13. P365
    Can the standard 365 grip module be successfully used on a 365XL, and is it practical to do so?
  14. P238, P938 Pistol
    I'd like to suggest a poll. I'd like to see how many Sig P938 owners trust their pistols for EDC, verses how many have had failures of any kind. I'm lucky enough to have both a new P938 and a new P365. I bought the 365 first, but just bought the 938 because I'm a big fan of SA pistols. It...
  15. P365
    Hi all- I'm new to sigtalk- finally got my p365 with manual safety (thank you Massachusetts!) and I've been enjoying and learning from you all. I've been to the range with my p365 four times and, until today, have only used Blazer 9 mm. Blazer is the same brand of practice ammo that I use in my...
  16. Concealed Carry
    Okay, newbie question: Keep my carry 365 in a quick access safe when not on me. With thought to reducing potential for accidental discharge, it occurred to me I can easily fit my 365 in its sticky holster in the safe... Is there a good reason not to store it with one in the chamber in its...
  17. P365
    For those of you (like me) with a bit of a gut, where do you carry? I just purchased a Vedder Lighttuck after all of the great reviews. I cannot seem to find a comfortable position to carry. I am about to go back to my full size XDm and a hybrid holster. I LOVE the gun and how it shoots, I...
1-17 of 21 Results