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  1. For Sale New CMC 10 round mags

    New in the package, three Chip McCormick Power 10 round mags for 1911 45apc, full size. All three for one price of $90 shipped to where legal. Payment would have to be cash, USPS Money Order or check (ships when clears). Sorry, I don't do electronic payments, TEXT or phone calls. If the ad...
  2. For Sale 10 round P320 compact magazine for sale

    10 round P320 9mm compact magazine for sale I have 1, 10 round, P320 9mm compact magazine I purchased mistakenly (thought it was the subcompact mag). Used it twice (maybe 40 rounds through it). $35 shipped USPS 2 day.
  3. Sig Magazines.

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I am a new firearms owner and have heard that loading a magazine and leaving it loaded will weaken the spring over time. Is this true and should I avoid loading magazines and storing them in my gun safe. I live in NY and we live under the draconian safe act and can only have 10 round magazines...
  4. I'm sure this is on the forum somewhere

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I have a SP2022 9mm. It came with the 15rd magazine. I have access to get some 10rd magazines locally. I suspect there is no difference between 15rd and 10rd magazines (other than capacity), and that the 10rd will work in 15rd guns. I'd end up leaving the 10rd in the house, and using my 15rd...