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P229 German Frame Two Tone .357 SIG
Sig Sauer MCX 9”
Rattler 300 Blackout
Custom Install of Legion Medallions in Omega Module
Bought a week and a half ago in used but mint condition.
Finding someone to make a holster to fit was tough. Slim Fit did it with .093" Kydex in 3 weeks. It works well.
Just picked this up over the weekend. I Took it to the range to run some bullets through it. Did I need another pistol, no….! But whatever, I’ll give it a good home.
The guts and trigger are from a normal p320 compact but everything else has been changed
365XL and 320M17...94 rnds ready!
This is my m18 that I fitted with a Wilson combat carry II frame. Looks like a mini m17, I dig it!
My two XL’s. One stock, and one fitted with a Sig Romeozero.
Made in Germany P220