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      Ive got a couple sets, one is the same i wear in my shop at work all day. You can get these at HD and Lowes cheap and they are good quality. 30 db noise reduction they are sufficient at an indoor range. 3M Peltor Optime 105 H10A Over-the-Head Earmuff: Home Improvement

      They sell this exact model at my local gun store in all black for $40. ; ) Must be cause they say "shooting" on them.

      The other ones I really like are a pair of peltor low proifile electronic High speed jobies.

      The noise attenuation is top notch, but at Only 20db noise reduction they are not sufficient for an indoor range without some light foam inserts. Outdoors they are awesome because you can hear like normal (or better if you choose to turn them up) but they seamlessly switch off the sound when ever you shoot. They also fold down nicely and stuff into a small pocket.
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