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      And going forward, don't assume Allen key.
      Much of this stuff is Torx (slang = Star Drive).
      You don't want to be "That Guy" that strips out his Torx fasteners with an Allen key.

      Why Torx ?
      It offers more surface area for the tool to bite.
      Therefore it is a better fastener than Allen.

      It is HARD to find a simple "bit screwdriver" any more.
      This is one of the last ones and it's a real USA tool so it costs more.
      It comes with a good set of bits.
      Ignore the Security feature (read holes), they work in normal fasteners as well. Metric and SAE so there's no fumbling around trying to find the correct bit.

      And here is your Torque Screwdriver for mounting optics and such.

      I have both of these tools and highly recommend each one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts

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