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SIG Sauer Forum

SIG Sauer Pistols

P210, P220, P224, P225, P226, P227, P228, P229, P232, P238, P239, P245, P250, P290, P320, P365, P522, P556, PM400, SP2022, Mosquito
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SIG Sauer Rifles

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SIG Sauer Knives

Sig Sauer Knives
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Sig Sauer Optics & Electronics

Sig Sauer Optics forum for all SIG Optics and other related equipment
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SIG Sauer Gunsmithing

Discuss SIG Sauer repairs, modifications, designs and builds here!
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Gun Forum


Gun Talk - For all gun topics and discussions
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Discussion of all things related to the National Firearms Act (NFA) and the weapons that are regulated by it.
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Knife Talk - For all knife topics and discussions
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Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry Weapon Forum - For topics and discussions about concealed carry weapons
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Ammo and Reloading

Ammunition and Reloading Forum - For topics and discussions about ammunition and reloading your own ammo
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Competition Shooting

Competition Shooting Forum - Topics and discussions about competition shooting
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Gun Projects

Gun Project Forum - Share your firearm projects from simple modifications to extensive gunsmithing
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Gun Gear

Gun Gear Forum - Non-SIG Optics, Sights, Scopes, Holsters, Other Gun Gear and Accessories
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Gun Training and Tactics

Gun Tactics Forum - Share and learn about firearm related tactics and techniques
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Trading Post


Buy, Sell, Trade - Private sales only
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Alien Gear Holsters

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ELEY Ammunition

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  1. With the 9mm costs what they are I haven't been shooting my 9mm pistols. I've been shooting other calibers that don't normally see much action. I've been shooting my 45's (yeah I know, not cheap either) for the past month. I decided that I actually have definite favorites. In the order below...
  2. I have a M18 Grip and Slide. Very good condition. I’m looking to get $525 Shipped UPS insured to your door. I’ll take PayPal for payment. Goods & Service (you pay fees) Or Friends and Family If you have any questions just ask. I
  3. Have you ever wondered how effective the X-Ray sights are?
  4. I tried going through the existing thread and was going blind trying to find a serial number for a used P365 I'm considering. I also tried calling the Mother Ship and sat on hold for about 20 minutes, so I thought I'd try here. The number is 66A020898. Any ideas when this was built and if it...
  5. What guns do you want that you just can't quite decide to buy? There's 3 purchases I just can't "pull the trigger" on. (pun intended) 1. A bullpup shotgun. I thought about a KSG for a while, but I don't shoot shotguns much. I'm also not a pump shotgun guy. I've really been looking hard...
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